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What is ROCATI?2018-02-28T14:48:19+00:00

ROCATI is the first cryptocurrency linked to a concrete good: real estate properties.

Why invest in ROCATI?2018-02-28T14:47:51+00:00

It will become the reference currency of the real estate industry.

Why is ROCATI a good investment?2018-02-28T14:47:14+00:00

It does not depreciate your savings, it gives you a property that is immune to all creditors’ attacks, and allows you to customize your house.

How is it different from other cryptocurrencies?2018-02-28T14:46:22+00:00

This is a cryptocurrency that defeats bureaucracy, creates confidence for investors and kick-starts the real economy of a country.

Why an ICO?2018-02-28T14:45:40+00:00

Through the proceeds of the ICO, the largest real estate project in the world will be achieved.

What restrictions will be in place?2018-02-28T14:45:17+00:00

ROCATI will issue cryptocurrency solely on the basis of a real estate transaction.

Which currencies can I use to make a purchase?2018-02-28T14:44:21+00:00

During the ICO, you will be able to purchase ROCATI exclusively through Ethereum.

Is there a minimum purchase requirement?2018-02-28T14:43:23+00:00

There are no restrictions on purchase.

What will happen after the ICO?2018-02-28T14:42:40+00:00

We will expand the Itarco real estate chain all over the world.

What happens if the ICO is not completed?2018-02-28T14:42:06+00:00

The project will move forward with the resources that have been collected.

Which Blockchain will host ROCATI?2018-02-28T14:41:13+00:00

ROCATI is an ERC20 Token on the Ethereum blockchain.

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