ROCATI was born to kick-start the real economy of a nation through the purchase of real estate properties, and plans to become the global reference currency of the industry.

Our vision

With ROCATI we plan to help revive the real estate market and, as a consequence, reinvigorate the real economy. We are at the beginning of a revolution in the financial market and we plan to be a part of this challenge as leaders.

The core business of ROCATI is linked to concreteness, not speculation, within the context of property renovation it pays particular attention to the environment, with the goal of reducing energy waste.

Our strategy encourages financial innovation in the real estate industry, aimed at disseminating safety and protection in order to offer convenient, safe and reliable solutions to the consumer. Our added values are transparency and professionalism. ROCATI will take all potential customers to the same level, providing confidence for those who had the wisdom to purchase them. Anyone will have the opportunity to buy a renovated apartment, without the nightmare of having to access a line of credit. ROCATI is the only cryptocurrency in the world linked to a concrete value that allows you to buy a house.

People who buy ROCATI will be part of an exclusive club offering a triple benefit: it protects your savings, it allows you to purchase the house of your dreams, and it helps couples to build a family.



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Real Estate worldwide value


Why an ICO

During the ICO phase, 45 million ROCATI will be placed on the market, with a value of one euro for each token. The proceeds will be used for the creation of the largest real estate project in the world, whose strength will be based on a chain of purchase and sale agencies, supported by a company that will guarantee the credit through the cryptocurrency.


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